Support to Life

We are changing the future together with Support to Life

Our humanitarian aid workers are our values that support life, create and produce. We care about our employees, think differently, and meet at Support to Life in order to reach a better, more beautiful and more productive operation. With our Human and Culture Program, which we brought together under the title of Support to Life, we support each of one of our employees in the fields they need, and create a happy and productive working environment in which we are proud to work with them.

Psychological First Aid
İnsani yardım çalışanları çatışmalar, yoksulluk, kıtlık, hastalık ve doğal afetlerle ilgili süregelen sorunlarla mücadele eder. Bu zorlu koşullar kimi zaman doğrudan kimi zaman ise dolaylı etkileri ile insani yardım çalışanlarını etkiler. Hayata Destek olarak çalışanlarımızın ruh sağlığını önemsiyoruz. Ruh sağlığı ile ilgili ön yargıları kırabilmek için konunun açık, dürüst konuşulabilir olmasını teşvik ediyor, çalışanlarımızın profesyonel destek alabilecekleri imkanlar sunuyoruz.
Special Leave Practices
We care about the well-being of our employees, and support them with corporate-specific leaves in addition to the labor law so that they can balance their private and working life.
Annual Leave

The project-based progress of the Support to Life activities allows its employees to use their annual paid leave on a monthly basis due to the special conditions of the field of activity. Our employees;

  • Who have a service period of 1 to 4 years (including the 4th year) are entitled to 1.16 working days,
  • Who have a service period of 5 to 14 years (including the 14th year) are entitled to 1.66 working days,
  • Who have 15 years or more of service are entitled to 2.16 working days.
  • The shortest leave period is 1.66 working days for those aged 50 and over.
Casual Leave

Our employees have 9 days of casual leave within a calendar year that can be for procedures with official institutions that cannot be done on weekends (bank, consulate, school, etc.), education (course, exam, thesis process, etc.), companionship, diseases that do not require a health report, death of second-degree relatives or kinsmen, relocation and unforeseen emergencies.

Paternity Leave

We wish to maintain the spirit of solidarity, which we believe in while doing our job, even when we become parents. We provide our colleagues, who have just become a father, with a 20 working day paid leave in total by adding 15 days to the 5-day period defined in the Labor Law. You can use this leave, at your discretion, until your child is 1 year old, taking into account the needs of the parents and the baby.

Unpaid Leave

Our employees can request a maximum of 6 months of unpaid leave due to serious and long-term illness, education, special and sensitive situations of their spouses, children and parents.

Marriage Leave

We provide a leave of 5 working days to our employees who get married or decide to live with their partners while working at Support to Life.

Leave for the Death of a First Degree Relative

Our employees can take a leave for 5 working days in case of death of their mother, father, spouse, partner or spouse or partner's mothers, fathers, children, siblings or family members under the responsibility of our employee.

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